We had it good, but…

We were in love, but I screw it up so badly that I don’t have the courage to say ‘I’m sorry’. I know it’s too late for it, but believe me, nothing feels the same without my daddy, my homie, the love of my life… I don’t know where my head was, what I was thinking at, but now I know that I would never do the same.. I would never leave again and let you cry, I would never toss away our home & plans for anyone..

I know God has His own way of doing things, so I only hope that He will give me the chance to tell you how sorry I am for messing with your heart so badly.

I have never deserved such a good man that I had…

I love you, R.

Always & forever….tumblr_lr6kxfP8AS1qcxieko1_500_large

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Regrete – povestea unei nefericite

Vorbind de ciocolata..
Pastreaza-mi, te rog, o bucata
07280_tristete_1Alba, o vom manca langa epava
Daca ma vei ierta vreodata..

Ma doare lipsa ta, si-n somn,
Desi stiu cine a ales sa plece..
Langa tine iti spuneam ca nu ma simt femeie,
Fara sa stiu ca fara tine nu voi mai fi om.

Imi pun masca, incerc sa zambesc,
Desi sub zambet ai fost singurul ce a stiut sa observe
Cat de negru e cerul si cum nu ma regasesc.

Merit nopti ca asta,
Cand ma invinuiesc pe mine pentru tot..
Regretul unei vesnice nefericite –
Nu si-a dat seama, de fapt, cat de fericita a fost.


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